Far away from the Silicon Valley, a group of interns are building an open source robotic dog named Laïka, from scratch. Some students choose big corporations, others tend to go for funnier and more hands-on traineeships.

Such is the opportunity provided to them by The Space, to try and level the field with prestigious universities and companies around the globe, right at the heart of the EU district ! 

In six months time, this group of interns from various universities and countries managed to assemble their very own first full scale prototype, and are close to make it walk for the first time in November. 

This is only the first step, as the project will provide opportunities for students from different backgrounds to get their hands on it and experiment with different technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Vision and the likes.

Who knows how far they will be able to go, the sky (and The Space budget) is the limit !

“Our goal is to make new technologies present in our day-to-day routine!”

Laurent Nogaret, Head of Technology.

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